The History - Tribute To Boney M

The History


The Interview



Where do you come from.

Anthea: My parents are from Jamaica and Guyana but I was born in England.


I understand that you also was a member of Boneym with Bobby Farrell

Anthea: Yes, That is where I met Maureen. I met Beckie during the formation of The Tribute to Boney M.

How did you begin with Bobby Farrell

Anthea: Well Bobby was looking up a British directory of Artistes and he came across my name. I think he must have found it interesting because our surnames are similar. His is Farrell and mine is Ferrell but I don’t think we are related. I had to go to Holland to see the show. A few weeks later We were performing in a Discotheque in Germany.


What was it like working with Bobby Farrell.

Anthea: Well it was a fantastic experience working with him, a true pop legend. As he was fond of saying we had good times and bad times. His nickname in his country, which was Aruba, was piazza which means a practical joker. Many times he had us crying with laughter with the stories he would tell. I often think of him.


What is it like now performing with The Tribute to Boney M.

Anthea:Well we have a unique interpretation of the songs. We have injected a lot of our personality into the show.


How do you get on in reality

Anthea:We get on really well. We are practically family. Beckie and Maureen were there for me when my Mother died and their support kept me going. We always keep in contact away from work and spend time together.


What are your favourite songs from Boney M.

Anthea: I love Belfast and I have fun with Holi Holiday.


What are your plans for the future.

Anthea: To continue keeping the memory of Boney M alive.




Where do you come from?

Maureen: Originally from Curacao but I live in Holland


Are you one of the original members of Boney-M?

Maureen: No, I’m of the second generation of Boney-M, with Bobby Farrell


How was it to perform with Bobby Farrell?

Maureen: It was a great experience on stage, the way Bobby danced & entertained the public was unique,
I miss him……


How is it now to perform with TTBM?

Maureen: I like the feeling on stage with Anthea & Beckie, It”s like a family affair, solid like gold!!


What is your favorite song in the show?

Maureen: No woman no cry , Sunny & Rivers of Babylon


How long do you think the success of Boney-M is gonna last?

Maureen: Forever!!!



Maureen: They will continue to mix & remix, cover & recover the songs


What do you want to say to the fans?

Maureen: For the fans tonight……get ready for a night to remember… (with a smile)

For all the fans
I love you so much……keep following us…….next year {2014}
We “ll come with something new.




Beckie You are from England as well

Beckie: No, I am from New York the Big Apple!


How did you join TTBM

Well, I was contacted by a promoter to join the group. We began a tour in France and have never stopped since, doing shows in Europe and other countries.


Tell me, What is the magic that makes this show so enjoyable

Beckie: That’s easy, You can tell we are having fun on stage and love to get the audience involved in our dynamics as well. It’s all about the people having a good time with us


Thank you Ladies

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